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About us

Goo Media Publishing started in the 1990s with business magazines. Many titles and editions later, it has evolved into a specialist in business magazines, both domestically and internationally. Relevant magazines full of stories about appealing organizations. With content that informs, inspires, and motivates. The magazine formulas guarantee clear communication with decision-makers in various sectors. The editorial team writes about developments within organizations and the markets in which they operate. The content is integrated with the rest of the editorial content, thereby benefiting from the quality and authority of the title.

The magazines are financed through advertisements from organizations presenting their products and/or services to professionals in the industry. We offer customized solutions and take care of production, if desired. This includes advertisements, but also the provision of editorial content. The business magazines are published in print and online. The cross-media approach offers numerous advantages. It is an effective way to reach target audiences. Publish once, read everywhere, share with everyone.

Our team consists of experienced media professionals, journalists, designers, photographers, and video specialists. We ensure the flawless execution of a publication. And when external specialist knowledge is needed, we know how to find the best people in our network, both domestically and internationally.

This is how we make relevant business magazines. With passion. Magazines that matter. We have been doing this for over 30 years. With you as well.

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